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            Information for Contributors

            【摘要】:正Tropical Cyclone Research and Review is an international journal focusing on tropical cyclone monitoring,forecasting and research as well as its associated hydrological effects and disaster risk reduction.This journal is edited and published by ESCAP/WMO Typhoon Committee(TC)and Shanghai Typhoon Institute of China Meteorology Administration(STI/CMA).Contributions from all tropical cyclone basins are welcome.

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            中国期刊全文数据库 前20条
            1 郭品文,田红,刘宣飞;Tropical Convective Activities Related to Summer Rainfall Anomaly in China[J];Advances in Atmospheric Sciences;2000年01期
            2 蒋尚城,叶谦,杨喜峰,安刚;Climatological Features of the Global Tropical Subsidence Region Based on Satellite Observations[J];Advances in Atmospheric Sciences;2000年03期
            3 ;Seasonal Variations in the Vertical Structure of Water Vapor Optical Depth in the Lower Troposphere over a Tropical Station[J];Advances in Atmospheric Sciences;1997年03期
            4 袁卓建;The Role of Diabatic Heating,Torques and Stabilities in Forcing the Radial-Vertical Circulation within Cyclones Part II: Case Study of Extratropical and Tropical Cyclones[J];Advances in Atmospheric Sciences;1998年04期
            5 林永辉,巢纪平;The processes of tropical semi-geostrophic adaptation[J];Science in China(Series D:Earth Sciences);1998年01期
            6 ;The characteristic differences of tropical cyclones forming over the western North Pacific and the South China Sea[J];Acta Oceanologica Sinica;2007年04期
            7 ;Sensitivity of simulated tropical intraseasonal oscillations to cumulus schemes[J];Science China(Earth Sciences);2011年11期
            8 李麦村;EQUATORIAL SOLITARY WAVES OF TROPICAL ATMOSPHERIC MOTION IN SHEAR FLOW[J];Advances in Atmospheric Sciences;1987年02期
            9 田永祥,罗哲贤;Vertical Structure of Beta Gyres and Its Effect on Tropical Cyclone Motion[J];Advances in Atmospheric Sciences;1994年01期
            10 LIAN Tao;CHEN DaKe;TANG YouMin;JIN BaoGang;;A theoretical investigation of the tropical Indo-Pacific tripole mode[J];Science China(Earth Sciences);2014年01期
            11 LU Riyu;DONG Huilin;SU Qin;Hui DING;;The 30–60-day Intraseasonal Oscillations over the Subtropical Western North Pacific during the Summer of 1998[J];Advances in Atmospheric Sciences;2014年01期
            12 项杰,伍荣生;The Effect of Asymmetric Wind Structures of Tropical Cyclones on Their Tracks[J];Acta Meteorologica Sinica;2005年01期
            13 ;Seasonal variability of tropical cyclones generated over the South China Sea[J];Acta Oceanologica Sinica;2007年04期
            14 郝世峰;崔晓鹏;潘劲松;周冠博;胡波;;A DYNAMICAL INTERPRETATION OF THE WIND FIELD IN TROPICAL CYCLONES[J];Journal of Tropical Meteorology;2009年02期
            15 张超;舒海龙;张庆红;王磊;;PREDICTION OF TROPICAL DISTURBANCE DEVELOPMENT OVER THE SOUTH CHINA SEA USING SSM/I DATA[J];Journal of Tropical Meteorology;2012年02期
            16 LIU YunYun;DING YiHui;GAO Hui;LI WeiJing;;Tropospheric biennial oscillation of the western Pacific subtropical high and its relationships with the tropical SST and atmospheric circulation anomalies[J];Chinese Science Bulletin;2013年30期
            17 张韧,余志豪;Low-Frequency CISK-Rossby Wave and Stratospheric QBO in the Tropical Atmosphere[J];Advances in Atmospheric Sciences;2000年02期
            19 余晖,端义宏,梁旭东;Effect of Horizontal Nonuniformity of Diabatic Heating on Tropical Cyclone Intensity and Structure[J];Acta Meteorologica Sinica;2005年01期
            20 T.Salami;O.S.Idowu;E.E.Balogun;;West African Weather Systems in Development of Tropical Cyclones[J];地学前缘;2009年S1期
            中国重要会议论文全文数据库 前10条
            1 Jinfeng Yang;Haoren Wang;;Positioning Tropical Cyclone Center in a Single Satellite Image Using Vector Field Analysis[A];2013年中国智能自动化学术会议论文集(第二分册)[C];2013年
            2 ;Increasing Duration of Tropical Cyclones over China[A];第28届中国气象学会年会——S12热带气旋[C];2011年
            3 ;Improving the behavior of the cumulus parameterization for tropical cyclone prediction: Convection trigger[A];第七届全国优秀青年气象科技工作者学术研讨会论文集[C];2010年
            4 黄平;黄荣辉;;Delayed atmospheric temperature response to ENSO SST:Role of high SST and the western Pacific[A];第七次全国动力气象学术会议论文摘要[C];2009年
            5 ;A Theory for Mixed Vortex Rossby- Gravity Waves in Tropical Cyclones[A];第七次全国动力气象学术会议论文摘要[C];2009年
            6 ;Tropical Cyclone Initialization with Dynamical Retrieval from a modified UWPBL Model[A];第七届全国优秀青年气象科技工作者学术研讨会论文集[C];2010年
            7 Yao Ha;Zhong Zhong;;The Relationship Between Decadal Variability of Tropical Cyclone And Intraseasonal Oscillation Over South China Sea In the Past 40 Years[A];创新驱动发展 提高气象灾害防御能力——S13热带海洋气象[C];2013年
            8 ;Variations of Latent Heat Flux During Tropical Cyclones over the South China Sea[A];2009年海峡两岸气象科学技术研讨会论文集[C];2009年
            9 ;Strengthening of tropical Indian Ocean teleconnection to the Northwest Pacific since the mid-1970s: An atmospheric GCM study[A];第七届全国优秀青年气象科技工作者学术研讨会论文集[C];2010年
            10 ;Interannual Changes of Tropical Cyclone Intensity in the Western North Pacific[A];第28届中国气象学会年会——S12热带气旋[C];2011年
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