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            王咏青  蔡敏敏  葛旭阳  
            【摘要】:In this study, fine structures of spiral rainbands in super Typhoon Chanchu(2006) are examined using an Advanced Research Weather Research and Forecast(WRF-ARW) model simulation with the finest grid size of 2 km.Results show that the simulation reproduces well Typhoon Chanchu's track, intensity and basic structures. According to their locations and features, spiral rainbands are classified into principal, secondary, inner and distant rainbands, and their dynamic and thermodynamic features are investigated. The principal rainbands remain quasi-stationary with respect to Chanchu's center and exhibit a wavenumber-1 feature with their outer edges separated by dry air. The secondary rainbands that occur on the radially inward side of the principal rainbands move around Chanchu's center. The inner rainbands are closest to the center. They propagate both radially outward and azimuthally with time. The distant rainbands are located outside the inner-core region, and have stronger and continuous updrafts compared to the other rainbands. Distant rainbands are inward-sloping with height along the radial direction and have a cold pool in the low layers, whereas the principal and secondary rainbands lean radially outward with height. The inner rainbands do not show tilting with height along the radial direction. However, there are few vertical tilting cells along the azimuthal orientation among the four types of rainbands. The simulated radar reflectivity cores in all rainbands are collocated with the maxima of updrafts and equivalent potential temperatures in the low layer, indicating the important roles of energy supply in the boundary layer in determining the development of the rainband convection.

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