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            符巧  梁旭东  张庆红  王子谦  段安民  
            【摘要】:Snow cover on the Tibetan Plateau(TP) has been shown to be essential for the East Asian summer monsoon.In this paper, we demonstrate that tropical cyclone(TC) 04B(1999) in the northern Indian Ocean, which made landfall during the autumn of 1999, may have contributed to climate anomalies over East Asia during the following spring and summer by increasing snow cover on the TP. Observations indicate that snow cover on the TP increased markedly after TC 04B(1999) made landfall in October of 1999. Sensitivity experiments, in which the TC was removed from a numerical model simulation of the initial field, verified that TC 04B(1999) affected the distribution as well as increased the amount of snow on the TP. In addition, the short-term numerical modeling of the climate over the region showed that the positive snow cover anomaly induced negative surface temperature, negative sensible heat flux, positive latent heat flux, and positive soil temperature anomalies over the central and southern TP during the following spring and summer. These climate anomalies over the TP were associated with positive(negative) summer precipitation anomalies over the Yangtze River valley(along the southeastern coast of China).

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