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            王勇  施连杰·W·扎博朗  
            【摘要】:This study investigates the long-term spatiotemporal variability of diurnal temperature range(DTR) in East Africa(EA). The study carries out non-parametric trend analysis of gridded DTR monthly data sourced from Climatic Research Unit(CRU). The DTR exhibits mixed signals in space and time over EA. The DTR correlates negatively with rainfall over EA. Reduction in DTR coincides with the summer season in the northern and southern hemispheres respectively, suggesting the influence of cloud cover on it. There was a non-uniform pattern of DTR changes across the region with time. Lake Victoria basin recorded the highest warming rates. The Indian Ocean coast recorded the least spatiotemporal variability in DTR. A reduction in DTR is evident in the two seasons: hot and cold. The start of the study period; 1921—1930, was the coolest decade in the study period. Most parts of EA recorded negative DTR anomalies in 1961—1970. The overall reduction in DTR throughout the study period highlights the ongoing warming which is a global phenomenon. There remains need for investigating the causation of the observed DTR variability for effective monitoring of the variability in future.

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